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Flexball 4500-ME21

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This system controls 2x Mechanical Engine and 2x Electronic Gearbox. It connects via CANBus to 1x Flexball 4500 Dual Throttle Station.

The Flexball ME series is designed for vessels with older styles of mechanical engines, and newer gearboxes, offering precise and reliable control. Mechanically controlled engines are engines that have either a lever for throttle control mounted on the injection pump or similar.

Built with Italian craftsmanship, these controls are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability in marine environments. With easy installation and compatibility with various engine types, the Flexball 4500-ME21 throttle controls are the perfect choice for upgrading your boat's throttle system.

Gearbox control is supplied as standard through a 5m electrical harness to the gearboxes' 12V or 24V solenoids. The Flexball ME actuator box has a millivolt input, 9-32V, and will output the same input voltage to the two gearbox electronic solenoids to control electronically the forward, neutral, and reverse gearbox directions. Trolling options are available.

One Flexball ME Actuator box is suitable to control either one or two engines in a vessel by way of having either one or two mechanical levers mounted on the side of the actuator box

The 4500-ME21 kit includes all components required for connection, except for the morse cable required to connect between the actuator box and the engine throttle, which we advise be custom-made to specific lengths for the vessel.


  • 2x Actuator Box - 9-32V
  • 1x 4500 Dual Lever Throttle
  • 1x T-splitter
  • 2x Actuator Box Supply Plug
  • 1x 3m Data Transmission Cable
  • 1x 10m CANBus Extension Harness
  • 2x 5m Gearbox Solenoid Harness
  • 1x Installation Manual
  • Note: Mechanical Morse cable required between actuator box and engine throttle is not included

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Note: Systems to suit sterndrives requiring trim controls please contact THT for a custom quote.