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Flexball 4500-EE14

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This system controls 1x Electronic Engine and 1x Electronic Gearbox. It connects via CANBus to 4x Flexball 4500 Single Throttle Station.

The Flexball 4500-EE14 throttle system is a versatile and reliable choice for marine applications. It offers precise control and durability, ensuring smooth operation. Designed to easily replace and install older unreliable throttle controls, and is compatible with a wide range of marine engines. The Flexball 4500-EE14 throttle system is built to last, making it an ideal choice for any boat owner looking to upgrade their vessel's throttle controls.

The Flexball 4500 EE series is purpose-built for boats with electronic engine and gearbox control, providing adaptability and compatibility with various electronic marine engines like FPT, Hyundai, Doosan, Cummins, and others. It delivers tailored solutions for each engine model and accommodates different engine throttle inputs.

Flexball systems are perfect to replace any existing and unreliable throttle systems, including Hynautic hydraulic control systems, Twin Disc EC200 and EC300 systems, ZF Micro Command, Smart Command or Clear Command systems, NHK KE4 (KE-4) or KE6 (KE-6) throttle systems or Glendinning throttle control systems.

The Flexball 4500-EE14 offers an extremely smooth feel and operates providing extreme precision control through the rpm range from idle to full throttle. 

The 4500-EE14 system is multivolt 9-32V. The actuator box is mounted within the engine room and connects electronically to the engine wiring harness and also to the electronic solenoids on the gearbox. It is important to note that whatever voltage is required for the gearbox solenoids is the voltage that the actuator box must receive from the vessel’s battery system. 

The 4500-EE14 kit includes all components required for connection.


  • 1x Actuator Box - 9-32V
  • 4x 4500 Single Lever Throttle
  • 1x Actuator Box Supply Plug
  • 3x T-splitter
  • 4x 10m CANBus Extension Harness
  • 1x 5m Engine Throttle Harness
  • 1x 5m Gearbox Solenoid Harness
  • 1x Instalaltion Manual

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This is a special order item and will take approximately 12 weeks lead time from date of order. We will be in touch with you to discuss your engine requirements in detail.

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Note: Systems to suit sterndrives requiring trim controls please contact THT for a custom quote.