Flexball Throttle Controls: 4500 EM21 System in Action

Flexball Throttle Controls: 4500 EM21 System in Action

Let us show you around this 4500-EM21 Flexball Throttle Control System installed on this AM42 flybridge cruiser. 


This system controls 2 electronic engines and this boat, in particular, has 2 new FPT NEF 450 marine engines. This is what the “E” and the “2” in the title represent. The “M” means that the system controls a gearbox that is mechanically actuated. The “1” in the title represents 1 helm station. The actuator box has an unlock feature that allows you to manually control it in the event of a failure, so you can always get home with a Flexball system. In regards to electronic control, Flexball is very flexible in regards to connections they can offer and systems can be calibrated to suit most engines. The great thing about the EM system is that multiple engines can be controlled via one throttle lever and engine rpm will be completely in sync. Very easy to use and install and comes with a water protector cover when not in use. 


View this Flexball system here or contact us to find out which Flexball system is best for you. 

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