Flexball Electronic Marine Throttle Stroke Setup

Flexball Electronic Marine Throttle Stroke Setup

Let’s go through the process of calibrating an actuator box for a mechanical flexball throttle system for both the throttle and the gearbox actuation. 

The single actuator box shown in the video controls one throttle on one engine and one gearbox actuation on one mechanical gearbox. Levers are completely adjustable in terms of where the idle position is. It allows the ability to program the gearbox positions for neutral, forward and reverse. You can also set up a custom position order. Everything is very easy to adjust and completely programable. When we take a look inside the actuator box, we can see the main circuit board and 2 motors at the top which control gear selection and throttle movement. 

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the panel: down, up and enter. Hold down the “up” and “down” buttons simultaneously and apply power. The letters “UL” should display on the screen. This is the first position of the throttle lever which means “throttle idle”. Press the enter button to make the display text flash and then use the up and down buttons to move the lever to set where you want the idle position to be. Press enter to save. 

After saving your idle position, press the up button which will take you to “UH”. Press enter again and the text will flash. You’ll then be able to move the lever all the way in the opposite direction. Press enter to save and press the up button to take you to “OL.” OL refers to the reverse gearbox lever. Press enter and move the lever to the reverse position. 

Press enter again to save and up to come to “OF” which is neutral on the gearbox lever. Press enter to adjust the position of the lever and press enter. Lastly, press up again to “OH” and enter to adjust the position for forward gear. Press enter to save. 

When powered up again, the actuator box will automatically reset to idle and neutral position.  

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